Emotional Intelligence


Learn how to become emotionally intelligent for effective management and leadership.


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Emotional Intelligence is our ability to manage our stress and emotions. Those who knows how to communicate with others in a way that is charismatic, positive and empathetic are those who are successful in leadership positions. We connect to the world through emotions, our interactions with others are powerful when we are aware of our emotions and capable of managing them, when we are able to persevere during hardships and empathize with others we are free to be ourselves and interact with others in an authentic way.

Our Emotional Intelligence class will help you to enhance the five dimensions of Emotional Intelligence such as:
• Self-awareness – the ability of being aware of your emotions
• Self-motivation – the ability to persevere during obstacles and setbacks
• Self-management – the ability to successfully manage your emotions and impulses
• Empathy – the ability to sense what the other person is feeling
• Social Skills – the ability to interact well with others.

In becoming emotionally intelligent:
• You will understand your emotions as what they are
• You will understand the emotions of other people
• You will be able to regulate your emotions to achieve your goals
• You will be able to share positive emotions toward others.

“When awareness is brought to an emotion, power is brought to your life.” -Tara Meyer Robson

Emotional Intelligence is a fundamental skill for effective management and leadership. Enroll now!

Our classes are online via Webinar. We are going to meet live Every Thursday from 7:00 to 8:30 PM.