Be Assertive


Learn to speak in an assertive and direct way.

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For some, expressing what they want and what they think when they are around with many people is not easy. Not everyone is naturally assertive.
Assertiveness is the ability to openly express your feelings, desire, opinions and needs. It is the skill to act confidently and self-assured. It is a teachable and learnable skill and it is a form of communication.

Learned Well-Being offers you a “Be Assertive” Class. You will learn:

• How to be aware of your personal rights and it enables you to stand up for your beliefs, desires, feelings, needs and thoughts while respecting other people personal rights too.
• The ability to listen to others and acting upon it the reasonable and right way
• The ability to distinguish between assertiveness and non-assertiveness
• How to express appreciation and gratefulness to what other people are doing
• Ability to know the distinction between passive-aggressiveness and aggressiveness
• The ability of self-control and acknowledging your wrongdoing and ask for forgiveness

Be Assertive class of Learned Well-Being will help you to stand up for yourself confidently and fulfill the things that you aim for without stepping on other people’s boundaries.