Cristina Wood, MA, LMFT

Life Coach, Family Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach



I am Cristina Wood your resilience coach. I work with busy, dedicated and driven professionals who are experiencing a lot of stress, lack of motivation and overwhelm in their work environment. Through coaching they are able to reduce stress and overwhelm and get back on track focusing in what is important for them in life.
I have a Masters degree in clinical Psychology, in my practice throughout the years I realized that most of the time when my clients are suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress it actually started because they were having problems in dealing with a lot of pressure and responsibilities in their work environment and personal lives. They are very high functioning, driven, and passionate professionals but they are losing track of their work-life balance. Prevention is the word. I started helping these professionals with prevention so they are able to continue dedicating to their careers while balancing the other areas of their lives feeling fulfilled and whole.

In my program Learned Well-being you will find from simple daily strategies to a complete suggestion to the redesign of your future based on a clear idea of your values and focusing in your well-being.

My coaching training was through Coach University and in addition I use my training in a variety evidence based approaches in Psychology.

My Mission

To help professionals to have a work-life balance in their lives, so they become the best they can be for their families, work, and community bringing value and connection to the world we all share.


Values are the ignition of our lives. They keep us motivated to find out more about life and to live our lives fully.


Are where you want to go. It gives you direction and reason to look forward and grow.


You just need to do the first move, than you keep going, you learn, adjust, and keep going a little more.

My Beliefs

I believe that we all have the necessary resources to achieve whatever we want to achieve in life. It is our inner and wise self who guides us in the direction of our dreams, giving us purpose in life. We just need to quiet our minds and listen to our hearts!

Loving Yourself. Enjoying your Life.

Want to work with me?

We all face many challenges in our personal and professional lives. As a coach, I can help you identify what you want to achieve and help you formulate a strategy to reach your goals..


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